Hi there, I’m Tim! 

I’m a published editorial and commercial photographer based in the San Francisco, California. I moved to the United States from the Philippines when I was 13 years old, and for the last decade worked as the Photographer and Multi Media Producer for Liquor.com, the largest digital drinks publication in the world. 

When I’m not shooting cocktails and cocktail makers, I cater to a growing list of clients, from Google to the Golden State Warriors to Grooms and Brides to be. Over the years I’ve developed the ability to assess locations quickly, working to produce beautiful images in any situation I find myself in. 

What draws me to photography is, and always has been, the people: meeting new faces, hearing memorable stories, and being trusted with the honor of sharing those stories with others. 

It’s a privilege I do not take for granted. And I would love to continue my passion in sharing and capturing your unforgettable moments.


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