Maria + Justin

We had a connection with Tim as soon as we first sat down with him. My husband and I explained our vision for both our engagement session and wedding day -- and not only did he listen, but he brought his own ideas. Collaborating with Tim was so much fun, and you could tell he enjoyed the creative process. Not only did Tim bring our vision to reality -- he exceeded our expectations. Tim is a true professional. He met with us several times to make sure we were all on the same page. He has an amazing attention to detail, down to the clothes and shoes you choose for your pictures.

Be prepared to be in awe when you watch Tim work his magic behind the lens. He constantly moves around to look for the best angles and lighting. He takes a ton of pictures for you to choose from, and most of all -- he is passionate about his work. You can't ask for a better photographer and professional. We love our pictures! Thank you, Tim!

Stephanie + Soyary

The first time we met Tim it felt like we were old friends catching up. From the very beginning, his excitement about our engagement shoot and wedding was infectious and immediately put us at ease. 

Tim was the first and only photographer we met with and it was one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning process.

Tim considers it an honor to be a part of such an important moment in a couple’s lives and he does not take that responsibility lightly. He was able to perfectly capture the vibe of our wedding in every photograph. 

It is obvious that he puts thought into every part of the process, from the business standpoint, to the creative, and ultimately the final product, making working with him easy in the sometimes stressful experience of planning a wedding.

We have recommended Tim to several of our family members and friends, and can’t wait to work with him again!


Jenny: We saw Tim’s work through a friends IG and immediately knew we had to work with him. Meeting him was so fluid and it felt like we had been friends for a lifetime. On the day of our wedding, he was such a pleasure to have. He made sure to get all the little details, along with everything in between, while having the most contagious smile on his face and always checking in to see if I was doing okay. Who would have know that a random photographer I found on IG would end up feeling and being like family. He isn’t only a talented, creative and amazing photographer but just a one of a kind person, that brings light and fun to any room he is in. 

Logan: Tim's work speaks for itself, but the process is where he really shines. His warmth and genuineness made the whole engagement fun and you can tell he cares about capturing the best of you. He goes above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied too.

Case in point: our wedding prep was running later than expected, and to no fault of Tim's, we weren't able to get as many photos as we wanted prior to it becoming dark outside. While the package that Tim delivered, including both day and night wedding photos, was amazing, he told us that he wanted to get more daylight photos for us and offered to do a post-wedding session free of charge! That was completely unnecessary, but is a testament to the type of guy Tim is. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Tim again, and he is the first photographer that I recommend to my friends.

zo + ian

Tim is nothing short of amazing!! We loved his work from our friends engagement and wedding photos and  knew we wanted him as our photographer too. From beginning to end, he was professional and you can tell he was very experienced. Endless emails and vision boards were much appreciated.

During our engagement shoot and wedding day, he and his team made it very fun! We were so relaxed and there was a lot of laughs. Time is very important and he executed that! Seeing the end result exceeded our expectations. We love, LOVE our photos and it shows because we’ve had family and friends ask about him too. Tim has become our family and we couldn’t imagine any one else capturing our special day. Thank you, Tim! If you’re thinking of booking him, do it! You won’t be disappointed!


We’ve had the pleasure of having Tim do our engagement, wedding, maternity, and family photos.

Tim’s work is just as amazing as he is: He treats you like family and makes the process of taking photos easy and fun. His work always continues to exceed our expectations! 

We constantly recommend Tim to friends and family and they are always amazed with their photos and experience! 

Can’t wait until our next shoot!


I was already impressed by Tim's first ask. He asked that I make a mood board on Pinterest and send it over. I was nervous about my family photoshoot since I have an infant and a toddler- I had no idea if they would cooperate or be crying. Tim was open to going to multiple locations during our allotted time. He even made the 1.5hr drive with his amazing wife during rush hour just to meet us during golden hour! 

As soon as they arrived he found the perfect spots. He told us how to pose, took breaks as the kids needed and made it fun! We didn't realize 2 hours passed since we were enjoying ourselves. Tim laid in the sand, captured my daughters' attention, while giving my husband and I multiple poses. I really appreciated the various poses and directions they gave us! 

Shortly after our photoshoot, he sent my husband and I both invitations to his beautiful app to view our photos. WOW. I was taken away by all the photos. There wasn't a single photo I disliked (which is crazy since we had 2 kids in almost every shot)! His photos exceeded my expectations and mood board. I can't believe he was able to capture such clear and precious moments with my family. With our children growing so fast, it means the world to us that we have these photos that capture these exact moments. His talent is unparalleled. We can't wait for our next family photoshoot! A million thank yous, Tim! 


Tim was our engagement and wedding photographer, and we couldn't be more pleased. He was fantastic to work with on both occasions and captured amazing shots that we know we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

He was particularly good about getting us to come out of our shells during the engagement photos. It's a little awkward doing some of the silly things you have to do to get good photos, but Tim was very good about coaxing out our inner model selves- ha ha. And it definitely paid off because our engagement photos were gorgeous. He was very accommodating in doing pictures at multiple locations in multiple different outfits. He even did an additional nearby location that he had scouted and picked out- which resulted in some of the best photos of the session.

Prior to the wedding he helped us in working with him to establish a "shot list" which helped the after-ceremony pictures to go quickly and smoothly so we could focus on the reception party! Throughout the day of the wedding he intervened when necessary to capture good pictures, but mostly stayed in the background and caught the good moments. It's a delicate balance I'm sure, but Tim has it perfected.

He supplied us with a TON of high quality edited photos as well as ALL of the raw photos from the day (some photographers won't do this).

All in all, we would both highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for a photographer. Thanks, Tim!


Our experience with Tim during the Maternity Shoot was more than phenomenal! Even though we’ve been a couple for almost 15 years, our history in front of the camera has always been the opposite of photogenic. But Tim taught us the difference between stiff and still. Whether it was reminding us to breathe or kindly adjusting our posture to ensure we accentuated our attractive features, Tim was able to catch moments that were elegant, natural and sometimes purposely goofy. Cheers to Tim’s perfect timing.


We love Tim as our photographer. The end results are always amazing and he captures special moments that we can keep forever. From our wedding photos and now our family photos with young children; we always feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Huge plus that he is great with kids as well: patient, friendly, and able to keep and divert their attention before they get too antsy. He is so talented in being able to catch our emotions in a photograph that when we look back at it, we relive that feeling. We always look forward to working with him again!


We have shared many special moments in our life with Tim behind the camera. Each experience and photo are nothing short of amazing! Tim makes every experience fun and comfortable and the photos he captures are truly a work of art. We always leave the vision up to him and he kills it EVERYTIME! We’ll be clients for life.


It is a joy and privilege to work with Tim to capture our special moments. Tim not only produces beautiful photos, he is the kindest and most personable photographer I have ever worked with. Planning weddings can be overwhelming, but Tim was there every step of the way making sure we had everything we needed, going above and beyond to make sure our memories were captured perfectly. 


Selecting a wedding photographer can be a stressful and vulnerable feat. As a former wedding vendor I have had the opportunity to work with many photographers over the last two decades, but none can compare to the extraordinary experience I had with Tim Nusog. 

Collaborating with Tim for my own wedding day was such a delightful and seamless experience. From the very beginning stages of planning, Tim spoke with the utmost kindness, authenticity, and professionalism. After our initial conversations (and his very thorough consultation) we were confident that we made the best choice in working with him. 

Sure enough, having Tim alongside us was such a gift on our special day. His creative instincts and perfect timing made for the most incredible photos and his presence made us feel so relaxed and reassured. He brought beauty and thoughtful attention to details I had not even considered.

When we received our photos, we could not contain our joy! Nearly four years later, our sentiments remains the same. I cannot believe how Tim went above and beyond to capture so many intimate moments in what seemed like an effortless manner.

The true gift is this: Every single time I look at our wedding photos, I am transported right back to the magic and warmth of that dreamy afternoon. Tim is not just a quality photographer— he is a wonderful human being and a true master in the art of storytelling.


We’ve been blessed to call Tim our go to photographer and a friend over the years. Tim has captured a lot of our memorable moments that have defined our relationship. We have several friends that used him as their wedding and family life photographer. Mae was actually in one of the weddings he had shot and was able to see him in action. She noticed how laser focused Tim was, but had this innate sense of keeping the atmosphere fun, calm, and innovative. She knew from that moment that she secretly wanted to have Tim as our photographer, if things progressed between us. He has captured us from engagement, marriage, and after we became a family of three. For every shoot, we’ve given Tim ideas of what we had wanted, we’d show up, take our photos, and not completely see the vision he was talking about until after we get the photos. We have faith and trust in Tim that he has our best interest in mind, and we always spend hours looking through our photos that have come out stunning. We have several walls in our home filled with memories Tim has shot over the years. We call them the "Tim Walls". Tim has always been approachable, easy to get in contact with, and timely in his photo turnarounds. Over the years we have seen Tim’s innovation and attention to detail grow. We look forward to seeing what comes next for Tim in the years to come!


Whether if its working with Tim behind-the-scenes or as his actual client, I have continuously admired his years of artistry experience and intrapersonal skills throughout his photography career. 

Working alongside Tim, he is very quick with his candid visions, and he always come prepared. If an opportunity arises for a photo opportunity, he will try to capture it. In technicality, he is able to capture clients’ best features from many of our awkward poses. He is capable to see potential in things we wouldn’t be able to in an untrained eye. It is effortless the way he helps clients break that barrier of being uncomfortable in front of the camera. He establishes rapport with everyone he meets, and he is very personable about it. A considerate photographer that works with clients to paint what they envision as a team effort. It is not often we come across a genuine person who treats you like a good friend while staying professional on the job. Even with the littlest spare time he has left in a day, he still puts in his time to learn and grow as a photographer. Now that is true commitment to his craft and new friends. 

And did I mention he loves to eat?


My husband and I first met Tim when we did our engagement and wedding shoot back in 2014. He came highly recommended by our friends and we quickly found out why. Tim truly has a gift of vision. Watching him study the lighting and angles of each location to make sure everything he captures is nothing short of perfect, shows that he truly cares about his work and his clients. I felt a little awkward taking photos at first, but he quickly made us feel comfortable and at times I forgot that we were actually taking pictures because we were having fun. Most recently, he did our first family pictures and we were blown away with just how much of our love and joy he captured in those photos. I would never trust anyone else to capture my life's most precious moments!

anna + mike

I don’t even know where to start -- all I can say is that my wife and I had a great time doing our maternity shoot with Tim (& Gabbie!) It literally felt like we were just out and about having fun which is super important because sometimes my wife can be a bit shy.

Tim has an eye for capturing your special moments and it shows in the photos. He was very kind and patient the entire time and couldn’t have picked a more perfect spot to do our shoot. We are so grateful for all the lifelong treasures that he captured for us on that day. Our photos from that shoot means the world to us, thank you so much!!

If you are looking for the best of the best, your search is over! :)


We are honored and privileged to have Tim shoot our wedding and maternity photos. Tim truly takes the time to get a gauge and understand what you want, making the most of every photo opportunity with meticulous precision. Our interactions and experience have been real, genuine, and I cannot recommend him enough for the quality and passion he has for his craft. Tim not only cares about his clients - but also building the relationships along the way. We have become a client for life!

Thida + Steve

Tim is fantastic! My wife and I were excited to go with Tim after seeing his work from my brother-in-law's wedding, but from our first meeting with Tim he already exceeded our expectations. Tim is very personable and easy to get along with as a person. Right off the bat he's genuinely interested in creating a relationship with you all while being completely professional at the same time. This is such a welcome comfort as being in the midst of reaching out to multiple businesses during wedding planning can be stressful sometimes. Building that level of comfort and trust from the beginning only translates into having a better relationship and better results on the big day. 

You don't realize it until your own wedding day that your photographer is in many ways your extra groomsman or bridesmaid. They're right there next to you the entire day, from beginning to end, to both support you and capture your best moments while also finding the balance of not being in the way. Tim and his assistant did that with great ease on our day. We are not only happy with the results but also with the relationship that we built with Tim along the way!

Lianne + Matt

I reached out to Tim to see if he would be available to take photos for our wedding. He was extremely responsive, professional, kind, and overall just genuine. During our first call, we got to get to know one another which was Tim's idea. And when I say get to know one another, it wasn't a question like "when is the wedding? how many locations?" He actually wanted to get to know us as individuals. It caught us off guard because everybody we have spoken to previously was just all business. After our call, it was an easy decision, and my husband and I knew he was the photographer for us.

Tim made sure to reach out to us constantly: one to keep us informed about what to expect and two, to ask if we needed help looking for other vendors or just help with general wedding stuff. He was available any time we had a question. He even helped guide us a bit on how to plan things out which was amazing because my husband and I were just so overwhelmed with everything. On the day of the wedding, Tim and his team were amazing just as we thought he would be. He was instantly a part of the family!

He shot our wedding back in 2018, fast forward to 2022, we have remained in touch and he has continued to be truly amazing. My Aunt was recently diagnosed with cancer and I asked Tim if he would be available to take some family photos and without hesitation, he said yes and cleared his schedule and was available that same weekend to take the photos. There are so many more experiences like this and I can go on and on but overall, Tim is the best and you will not regret choosing him. He definitely is a part of our family and we are so grateful for it. 


When we first met Tim, he mentioned we’d practically be marrying the photographer. Trusting Tim to photograph one of the most important days in our lives was the best decision we’ve made. Not only did we get a great photographer, we got a director, a creator, and a new friend. We expected someone to take nice photos but Tim went above and beyond expectations to make our wedding day perfect. He even shared a special moment with us that couldn’t have been seen by anyone else. 

Tim was simply amazing to work with and we couldn’t be more happy with the energy and passion he brought. By the end of our wedding night, we were talking more about how impressed we were with Tim than the cake! If his work ethic is a preview to what our photos are going to look like, we couldn’t be more excited. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us, Tim. You are truly appreciated!